Tyne REP will be one of the worlds most advanced renewable energy plants. Its high efficiency will generate enough carbon neutral electricity to power around 600,000 homes. As it will operate base-load, it will produce in one year as much green electricity as the largest 1,000MW wind farm projects, and save 1.2 million tonnes of CO2from being emitted every year.

Tyne REP will bring substantial benefits to the region, representing an investment of over £500 million; the creation of 600 construction jobs; 150 on-site jobs; 300 - 400 indirect jobs and an annual spend of £30 million in the local economy.

MGT Power is currently developing certified sustainable forestry operations. Unlike first generation biofuel feedstocks, these can be established on disused and marginal land, and are known as Short Rotation Forestry.

MGT Power is committed to sustainability and we welcome efforts to ensure biomass makes only the most positive contribution. To this end we have drawn up a set of sustainability guiding principles.

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